Photo gallery + Testimonials



“It was just what I needed. Working from home full-time as a designer can be a little lonely with no friends/colleagues experiencing the same daily challenges as I do. This was so reassuring that I am not alone and now feel as though I can reach out to nearly any attendee or artist with a question and will get an answer. I wish it had been one day longer, perhaps over Labor Day weekend? I felt that it would have been nice to have a bit more free time to just get to know the attendees and have a little longer break between sessions for hiking and connecting. These are minor changes. To me, it was truly perfect. The food, the people, the art, the KINDNESS. I will forever be grateful for that weekend. Thank YOU!”
- Sarah

“Often in my life I'm crafting and creating art on my own, and while my friends and family are supportive they don't really share my passion. So to be able to spend a weekend surrounded by women who all share that same drive to be creative and to actually sit side by side and create with them was reinvigorating. I left feeling creatively nourished and inspired. And with a bunch of new friends!”
- Allison

“It was totally like summer camp for like-minded craft-oriented women! Awesome!”
- Megan

“Great way to connect with other creatives and learn from and with them! The hosts were amazing as was the food. I learned some new techniques and made time to practice my art which can be hard to find in the work week. Overall rejuvenating and a breath of fresh air. Would come again!”
- Perry

“Since I’ve told friends in several states about this already - what I’ve been saying is ‘smart sassy creatives with their own businesses brought others together to help them discover new creative outlets and meet other creative people to great success.’”
- Maureen

“An amazing weekend with 5 talented teachers and art loving ladies to try new media, gain new skills, commune in a beautiful setting, and make many new friends. If you have a chance to participate, don’t hesitate. You won’t be disappointed.”
- Kelly